Delivering the digital insurer

Improve underwriting profitability

Reduce claims frequency and severity

Lower operating costs

360° risk insight across 100% of your portfolio

Intelligent Risk Management Platform

In a world of global pandemics, financial crashes, natural catastrophes and increasingly complex business risks, it is essential for Insurers, brokers and corporates to have real-time risk insight and mitigation. The Intelligent Risk Management Platform provides actionable insight to protect your business.

AI to unlock Risk Insight

Our AI Risk Report Analyser automatically turns unstructured risk reports into real-time dashboards to accelerate risk mitigations programmes for corporate clients and lower claims for brokers and Insurers. Analyse lengthy risk reports in seconds to deliver unparalleled risk insight.

Digital Twins of Risk

Whilst 5% of the larger sites will often have a detailed Risk Survey, Insurers and their clients are often blind to the risks across 95% of sites. Intelligent AI have developed Digital Twin of risk, based on 300 separate items of risk data, to deliver intelligent risk profiles of 100% of your portfolio.

SurveyRisk - Online Surveys

The SurveyRisk service from Intelligent AI enables Insurers, brokers and corporate customers to easily undertake regular short online surveys of a wide range of sites, in order to both gather risk data and to aid in training on risk reduction. SurveyRisk has been designed to maximise completion rates.

Benefits for Corporates

  • Proactive Risk Mitigation
  • Improve Health & Safety
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Benchmark Risk across sites
  • Reduce business interruption

Benefits for Brokers

  • Gain lower premiums for clients
  • Help clients to lower risks
  • Parametric claims management
  • Real-time risk data
  • New AI insurance products

Benefits for Insurers

  • More accurate risk pricing
  • Lower cost reinsurance
  • 100% portfolio coverage
  • 360o view of risk
  • Lower claims & Operating costs

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